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About DAR Foundation

DAR Foundation


DAR Foundation is a charitable foundation that supports Russian high school education with the goal of developing a schooling system which combines Russian and Western best practices and contributing to the reform of the Russian high school system.


The Foundation is a privately financed fund and was established in 2005 by Mr. Nikita Mishin. It is managed and led by Mrs. Julia Veshnikova, the director of the Foundation.


The mission of the Foundation is the enhancement of the Russian high school education through support and conservation of the historical classical education as well as implementation of modern teaching techniques and innovation.


The projects put into life by DAR Foundation are aimed at the maintenance of the sustainably high level of education. Its main goals embrace creation of the environment needed for nurturing and development of intellectual, creative and moral potential as well stimulating the blossom of natural and technical sciences. The principal and ultimate objective is to elaborate a model school of a new type which could serve as a pioneering example and can be used as a pattern for other high schools.


"School exerts tremendous influence on the shaping of the personality, a person’s values, skills and patterns of thinking. At our school, we try to instill in children an ability to think, analyze, propose solutions and act.

Their lives are full of a great deal of variegated and fascinating impressions and experiences; this builds up their personalities and enables them to grasp the essence of different occupations.

We bring up full-blooded, happy and curious people who tackle any task with enthusiasm and creative commitment. Children who are creative and committed to their country are our future."


Nikita Mishin,
Endower of DAR Foundation (privately financed fund)




DAR Foundation supports a whole range of educational initiatives in Moscow, Moscow Oblast and the regions including:


  • Kindergartens and high schools (both ordinary and specialized with a profound teaching of mathematics, arts or music);
    • In 2013 over seventy (70) mathematics schools have been granted financing for purchase of equipment and books;
    • One of the most famous musical colleges under the Moscow State Conservatory named after Chaikovsky regularly receives financial support and scholarships for students;
    • One of the leading arts schools under the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is supported by the Foundation too;
  • a pet project – re-built and revived school 261 which functions under the Foundation umbrella and patronage (Skolkovo MBA program made a case study for the section of public-private partnerships on the basis of that project);
  • Various Olympiads, contests and competitions (e.g. Lomonosov tournament, the Vernadsky readings);
  • Kids’ art exhibitions;
  • Grants and special awards entitled to remarkable teachers and administrators for their contribution to educational process;
  • Partnership with various non-profit organizations;
  • Engagement in orthodox initiatives ranging from reconstruction of orthodox schools and orphanages from publishing special magazines;



Julia Veshnikova, Director of the DAR Foundation shares her thoughts on its mission:


“The idea of creating a model school belongs to Nikita Mishin, not just one of our founders but also someone actively involved in the drawing up of all our programs. Nikita is a frequent visitor at the school, attending various school events – performances and festivals.

I think the basic idea is commitment to your country, an effort to bring up children who will not wish to emigrate. Children who take pride in their country because this is where they were born, precisely here, and who know and cherish their history. Children who grow up to be “makers,” who are not indifferent, who want to be of use to their country.

We do not expect all of them to become university students. One can be just as happy paving the roads, and this is wonderful.

Each person has a mission which is inborn; if a person is in the right place doing what he or she feels is best, such a person is happy and living in harmony. And, in order for you to be able to spot your choice, it is extremely important to grasp at the right time what you want to do, at what you are at your best, and this is one of the more important mission of secondary school – to give an impetus to development, to guide you and to turn you in the right direction.

Our country spends a lot of money on education. Our wish is that, having received an education, people would want to contribute what they have learned to their country.”


The Foundation is ran in accordance with the charter, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Convention of Children rights adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1989, federal law of the Russian Federation regulating the operations of non-profit organizations, public associations, social protection of invalids, charitable activities and institutions, Moscow city law regulating the charitable activities and the charter of the regional public organization of invalids “ Center for humanitarian programs”.

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