Our Vision

«The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence» — this quote by Albert Einstein perfectly explains the natural motivation for knowledge. For a modern school not to kill curiosity, but, on the contrary, to support it, learning curve should not turn into a set of dogmas. Not a repletion, but the bright work of mind, not submission, but independence and ambition ...

«Dar» (the Gift in Russian) Charity Foundation was established in 2005. The main goal of the Foundation is to support and develop schooling and extracurricular education.

As early as possible (better in childhood) — one should be able to say: learning does not exist by itself — it will affect my whole life and already now makes it informative and interesting.

«Dar» Charity Foundation was established in 2005. The main goal of the Foundation is to support and develop school and extracurricular education.

In support of these ideas, we opened a "New School in 2017, run by a team of amazing, bright and caring professionals. The school helps students find their own path, be active and not be afraid of mistakes.

In addition, the Fund has for many years financially supported other educational and cultural projects in Moscow, other Russian regions and abroad.

Polina Levina
Новая школа

New School

For 12 years we studied best practices, thought out a concept, gathered together the best team, looked for a site, tried and experimented to build a school of our own dreams — where we would like to study ourselves.

Our Mission and Goals

Dar Foundation is a private charity fund established at the initiative of Nikita Mishin.

The fund supports school education, projects and events aimed at ensuring high quality education. The Foundation’s charity programs are aimed at helping schools, orphanages and other educational institutions and projects that combine the traditions of classical education with the desire for innovation and the opening of new experimental venues.

The key goal of the Foundation is to create a School of the Future that meets international standards, prepares people who are knowledgeable, literate, educated, strong in spirit, loving their homeland, active; the creation of the very school that will be able to solve the problems facing Russian society, which will take all the best from existing education system, combining this with the latest developments of our time.

We also aim to create the conditions necessary for the development of spiritual and creative potential, as well for motivating children to learn STEM and humanities.

  • We support:
  • state and non-commercial educational institutions of schools, universities, colleges, kindergartens;
  • various educational, scientific and cultural institutions, among them:
    • military music festival;
    • research projects;
    • educational contests and academic olympics;
    • private educational organizations.
  • educational projects aimed at the spiritual and creative development:
    • Christian Orthodox educational organizations;
    • scholarships for children from low-income families.

Our Management Team

The Founder

Nikita Mishin

Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist. Founder and co-shareholder of the Globaltrans railway group and several other transport companies.

Choses, approves and indorses members of the Board of the Foundation.

The Board

  • The Board:
  • determines the overall strategy and the main priorities/activities;
  • appoints the Director;
  • approves Charity Programs;
  • approves the budget.


Polina Levina

Polina Levina

An executive officer of the Fund. Appointed by the Board.

  • Carries out operational management, including:
  • management of current activities;
  • ensuring the implementation of Board decisions;
  • budgeting and grants.

Deputy Director

Elizaveta Mishina

Elizaveta Mishina

  • Supervises the New School project, including:
  • communication between the School and the Foundation
  • strategic development of the School in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Fund.