Our History

«Dar» Foundation was established on May 17, 2005 aiming to create and finance a non-state comprehensive school, as well as to offer financial assistance to various educational institutions and projects in Moscow and a number of regions of the Russian Federation. At the moment, the geography of the Fund’s activities covers not only Russia.

The first director of the Foundation since its establishment and for the next 14 years was Julia Zhilina (Veshnikova).

Over the period of her work as a director, the Foundation supported more than 200 various educational projects in Moscow and the regions, including the construction of an orphanage at the Nikolo-Solbinsky Nunnery, summer camp for orphans with the «Children of Mary » Fund, launching and supporting a pilot educational project in a State School No. 261 in Moscow. Thanks to her idea, the Foundation implements an annual grant program to support outstanding teachers.

The «New School» became the paramount project of the Foundation as we were preparing its launch for more than 12 years. Julia is one of the inspirers of the School, which opened its doors on September 1, 2017.

New school
Julia is an amazing person who changes and improves everything around her. Each of our projects is filled with values that she broadcast to beneficiaries, friends, partners of the Fund, parents and our children. Her strength and energy have become the foundation of the Fund and will always inspire us.